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May 2, 2014 10:00am PDT
the u.s. and germany united and sent another stern warning to moscow. >> we are united in our determination to impose costs on russia for its actions as ukrainian forces move to restore order in eastern ukraine, it is obvious to the world that these russian-backed groups are not peaceful protesters but heavily armed militants receiving significant support from russia. >> times are also tense with ukrainian army launching the first major assault on separatist strong holds in the east of that country. a spokesman for putin called the move a criminal act. nbc news chief white house correspondent chuck todd, also host of "the daily rundown" joins us. how critical was it for the president to get merkel on board with sanctions? >> reporter: it's interesting, that is a glass is half full way of looking at it. here's what clearly they agree to. they have the next deadline that they've set to decide whether to do another round of sanctions and that is the may 25th election. you heard the president essentially say if russia destabilizing the situation, makes -- tries to mess with this e
May 1, 2014 9:00am EDT
job. gave you a percentage of how many are negative. germany are doing more slamming there than in the united states. look, yelp is -- is it an honest broker? yes. i have 4.5 stars right now. >> ve-- in the restaurant. >> what happens if that falls? >> i'll tell you what i think of yelp if that falls. >> 4.5. i thought -- can you get 5? >> guy came in and did 3 and blamed, you know, i don't know said that i wasn't hosting well. hosting last night, did a darn good job. >> what's coming up on "mad money" tonight? >> two companies that reported dynamite upside surprises. one is reacting positively, the other is reacting negative. now they're both negative. very interesting. harman and dominos reported upside surprises that were up, stocks up, getting hit. that's the old pattern we experienced with the yelps and concurs. how about this. old economy not doing as well today. look at clorox. another one that people thought, hey, you can't miss. so let's see, i happen to be big believers in harman and dpz. not giving up on those. we have to learn more. >> finally after this week's gdp n
May 1, 2014 3:00am EDT
-mobile is the fourth-largest carrier in the state. it is owned by deutsche telekom in germany. it is a separate company in the states. when at&t try to buy it. wall street thought it would go through. it was price in. and the regulator said no. softbank need to get regulatory approval. the need to make the case this will not harm consumers. it will give consumers more options. >> so hans, who might run the company? >> john leger. the leading candidate. he is the current ceo and president of t-mobile usa. he is the leading candidate. deutsche telekom and softbank are talking about potential names. this is not a done deal. john leger a colorful figure. we have colors of him -- p ictures of him crashing and at&t consumer electronic show. if he's head of this new company, maybe he can get into mclemore parties by by himself. >> you see him with the pink t-shirt. hans nichols with the very latest possible merger. still with us for more of his views on the markets, the global seed investment officer -- global investment officer. before the break, we were talking about what you like in the markets. you are qu
Apr 30, 2014 5:30pm PDT
with the japanese prime minister shinzo ave is in germany right now at the start of the european tour. japan's prime minister has come to europe for a ten day visit and berlin is the first stop on his itinerary. thompson the german capital are focused on trade issues but also on ukraine. the fate of western hostages was among the first questions at a joint press conference with chancellor under the mantle once the gardens and wine made from north of the detainees and their families. we are doing everything on comp and i get the impression that the ukrainian government and the oecd also doing what they can eat it all. i can only hope that these combined efforts lead to success let them go. metro said russia's president vladimir putin must take action to de escalate the situation in eastern ukraine. the german leader said ukraine's elections scheduled for may twenty fifth must also go ahead she's a lot they described the crisis in ukraine as a global problem. japan has also extended its sanctions against russia. both leaders agreed more economic sanctions will follow if the kremlin does not take meani
Apr 30, 2014 3:00am PDT
aggressive with the sanctions, frankly with the europe mean allies including germany. and we need to dial up the heat. it's the message that gets sent to russia with respect to iran. it's the message with respect to syria. it's the message sent to russia with respect to the nuclear arms negotiation and defense. it has a cascading effect. if you show a bully weakness, and you give them weakness, they'll take it. >> where do you stand in the right year for substantively take that on? >> i'm a supporter of reform, mark, but we're not going to get it done this year. it's going to fill into 2014. unfortunately. republicans should, if you're going to talk the talk of being the working class if we have a minimum wage, it should be reasonably adjusts from time to time, for all the republicans who talk about we're the blue color and for the workers there should be basic things that they're for, and that's one of them increases in the minimum wage. >> before we go, you heard the conversation, i won't talk about everything you guys discussed. but jeb bush, is jeb going have to trouble getting through?
Al Jazeera America
Apr 29, 2014 12:00pm EDT
through austerity. germany anounlsed $110 billion in budget cuts over five years, and pledged to balance the books by 2015. the uk promised $140 billion in budget cuts. so why has france finally decided to go down this path? >> everyone else on average has got their deficits down. even the countries that really struggled during the crisis are on the right track. france is the outlier. it hasn't done enough. >> manuel is under pressure from the right-wing of his own party. he is also under criticism from the opposition, which accuses him of having no new ideas. france delayed taking the painful medicine, but it may be out of time. >>> police in india have arrested what they call trouble makers on the eve of voting in india's national election. more than 600 people were arrested. the volatile region has been the center of a decade's long separatist movement. >>> in central india many young people have been forced from school, because they are caught in the cross fire when left-ring rebels and the government. but special colleges are giving some students another chance to be educated. >> re
Apr 29, 2014 8:00am PDT
% russian energy goes to europe. a lot of their business is in england, germany. trade is very important. russia is a very important european partner. enough.did not go far i found it interesting that the targeted people who were racking upvolved in those protests, those people in donetsk. i do not imagine those people are really shaking in their boots. it is an important gesture. i do not know how far it will go. an important person on both minister,he prime deputy prime minister, who is allegedly responsible for the theren takeover, although are other people responsible who were sanctioned. these are very important gestures. i am a huge fan of sanctions. i think they go much further than that. it seems there is evidence that russian businesses are going to suffer from the sanctions. although we now hear that it is way back to 1949, where you have your of the doing america's bidding and whatnot. and trade forces are the most forceful measure to deal with this. >> it was only a few weeks ago that we had this agreement between the ukraine and geneva and the u.s.. has anybody tried to foll
Al Jazeera America
Apr 29, 2014 9:00am EDT
in germany. he suffered a stroke and has been receiving treatment there. the kurdish leader hasn't been seen in public for two years. >>> united states national weather service says around 75 million people in the country are at risk sfr storms that could unleash tornados. at least 27 people have died already. arkansas is the hardest hit state where rescue workers are working around the clock to search for survivors. andy gallagher reports from the devastated community of may d flower. >> reporter: the tornado has cut a path of restricti restriction -- destruction across three states but arkansas borre the bunt of the damage. homes and lives were left in ruins. >> our memories are gone. and we'll have to find them, hopefully. >> here's some memories, we have children and grandchildren. just trying to find some things that we have had all of our lives. >> reporter: the satellite images from nasa show the sheer size of the storm system and many are still in its path. >> i want everyone affected by this tragedy to know that fema and the federal government is on the ground and will help our fell
Apr 29, 2014 6:00am EDT
that germany would rather forget. nazi propaganda movies republican on the screen ago. but should they did be? ♪ find yourself. in an accomodation... where you get to do... whatever it is that you love to do! booking.yeah! [ mom ] oh the weekend we'll have at the shore with waffles and laughs for our family of four. the pool is there waiting, don't you dare fret. there's no need to ask, "are we there yet?" [ male announcer ] be a weekender at hotels like hampton and embassy suites. book now at >>> this is bbc world news. i'm geeta guru-murthy with the top story this is hour. eu targets president putin's government as it imposes sanctions on 15 prominent russians over ukraine. reports from nigeria say the 200 abducted schoolgirls may have been taken a broad and sold into marriage. >>> if you're in charge of a whole country, you might think someone would pay your energy bills for you where you work. that's not the case in pakistan. it's reported the office of the prime minister has been cut off. it's embarrassing the prime minister because he just acknowledged
Al Jazeera America
Apr 29, 2014 6:00am EDT
at the rally came to watch television and the president casting his vote in germany. the kurdish leader not in public for two years and treated in berlin after a stroke in 2012. 22 million iraqis are eligible to vote on wednesday. one of the main campaign issues in iraq is poverty and nearly 10 million iraqis live on or below poverty line and living on less than $5 a day and many of the poorest have no faith that a vote will change anything. >> reporter: baghdad throws away these people used to bill and call it tin city, a sprawling slum in the northeast where at least 25,000 people live. from all over builders and other tradesmen drop trash here and they used this to dumb to build homes. as the children play he worries about the future and he not only looks after his own daughters but provides a home for five orphans whose parents died in the violence that plagues the city. >> translator: this is an oil-rich country but i've been living like this for 15 years. i don't have anything. the politicians come and make empty promises. we are fed up. we can't handle living like this anymore.
Apr 28, 2014 11:00am PDT
. gazprom spend years based in the region germany with export large amounts of gas when the russians annexation of ukraine's crimean peninsula on the kremlin's continued provocations in east ukraine at the moment george gould a strained relations been asked about it . the international news on one. the armenian government has expressed disappointment with turkey following courts regarding the nineteen fifteen massacre of armenians in an effort to prevent criticism that its prime minister as he ties the two and described the killing of one point five million armenians is being inhumane but failed to apologize bowden a book on the road in the one statement is a typical itself looked at these double standards anticipating possible pressure on the turkish leadership or the speaking countries and the international community on the eve of war. austria armenian genocide. the empire he should have reacted to make a preemptive move in some way but of course he didn't have enough courage as a citizen to tell the truth of this in the hands of its mobile edition of what's going on. the key schoo
Apr 28, 2014 6:00am EDT
siemens of germany. >> they stepped in. >> they want to create a deal that creates to european japanese instead of ge taking over. audience withe an the french president. is he going to wear dartmouth green tights? an audience? >> with a president whose approval rating is similar to that of our own president. i think it is bizarre. >> there is breaking news. will take on it more customers. this a top headline. they will divest almost 4 million customers. charter reap -- reports earnings later. >> no more headlines this morning. what else do we have? the yankees won. >> moving onto politics, war sanctions against russia over the crisis in ukraine. president obama says the u.s. and the eu will announce them later today. he spoke after arriving in manila as part of his asia trip. forwarde going to move with an expanded list of individuals and companies that will be affected by sanctions. they remain targeted. areas ofocus on some high tech defense exports to russia. we don't think they are appropriate to be exporting in this kind of climate. military has started exercises on the ukraine bo
Apr 28, 2014 3:00am PDT
from germany and seven and were being treated well but they don't know when they will be repeats separatists have exceeded the observers were all former military and espionage charge the creepy guy is the oic and the world's most prominent observation racing team was tasked with monitoring the crisis in the country to be peterson or writings of the us to seek their release as you. this has declared john paul the second image on the twenty third at state and more than half a million properties at the vatican crowds waited hours to witness the historic men's us who attended by retired pope benedict the sixteenth the devil can in a feat it was the first to the catholic church's history series brings three seed peter's square in st is the role that it hopes the states about marriage ceremony john paul the second became well known in ukraine despite the historic couple visit in two thousand and one during which he likened it to be sincere when he remembered those who suffered as a catholic worshippers under communist rule. and one. you know. during an attempted talk to the chief justi
Apr 27, 2014 8:00am EDT
wife's tale is so. germany last year they brain scan may lucid dreamer and he controlled the direction of history and was followed up with an mri scan. it is absolutely true. so maybe one day leonardo dicaprio smithian section is not so far-fetched after all. and then, the big web. mental illness. this is why president barack obama and the european union want to dump a billion dollars to find out how the brain is miswired. it turns out, for example, many of our leading figures, actors, actress is, proposers coming musicians have suffered from bipolar disorder. on the upper left of the forks in total, as margot kidder. she became famous as lois lane. however, several years ago they found her homeless, stark, hiding the hon garbage cans and it was revealed that she suffers from bipolar is. many actresses and famous actors suffer. we can now bring in these people and we now cannot cure them, but we understand how mental illness forms to a degree. schizophrenics, for example, hear voices. if you want to see a schizophrenic, just go downtown, see the homeless and you'll see people talking t
Apr 27, 2014 3:00am PDT
in the region germany with its bold large amounts of gas when the russians annexation of ukraine's crimean peninsula and the clintons can see provocations in east ukraine at the moment joint goal of a strained relations between moscow and the tin. the on the lawn. schools in the eastern ukrainian rebel held city of sodium school i don't eat dessert it was parents keep their children at home during an assault on the sixteenth my cranium troops ukrainian special forces launched a second phase of their operation in the east of the country on friday by mounting a full page of the city which is being overrun by kremlin backed militants who aim to create a pretext for russian annexation. let's erase the new cheese dishes to do with the change he said. this holds true is that it couldn't be that we would have six hundred and ninety zero s are just as you can see it open and honest i'd be a terrible president of just six per cent. according to our information once held the seat until the outsides of my absence for unknown reasons well perhaps that is needed to let their children attend school. the
Apr 26, 2014 4:35pm EDT
the transition, we would have live telecasts with our colleagues in germany. and our colleagues in australia. we would have all the engineers come in and we would sit down and have -- it was a multihour. one of the things i wanted to do so that when any other country goes through the transition, they would have the opportunity to go in and use our libraries. i don't know if that ever ended up happening. the other example i want to give is brazil. president bush was really close to the president of brazil so we went down, the education secretary went down to work together. they had been collecting money for their universal services for many years. we went down to talk about some of the good parts of her u.s. not so goodthe parts that we would encourage them to do something i could not agree more. here being so criticized to get out and happy all say "you are the gold standard, it was unbelievable. it is so true. right.n reilly is so the u.s. policies have such an incredible impact. spectrum auctions are now starting to occur. the wireless auctions and licenses that other countries that used to be
Apr 26, 2014 3:00am EDT
the league vie -- after verdict >> versai will les, by allowing kreup reparations against germany, the country that succeeded in being the guarantor of the global system after the war, underwriting the world bank, the integration.obal if you look at its distressing fatigue with the world, most demonstrate bid a to support aternational organizations, disstressing difficulty in consensus political for trade agreements that integration, a failure indo what's self evidently the interest of american workers support the xm banks, see, to,there for you, a failure a concern and a desire to ramp back military spending in a our potential adversaries military spending is rapidly. a reluctance to become embroiled in foreign challenges because they are too hard. ultimately, whether we will judged by history to have won the piece after the cold war, as we did after the second world war is in more today than would have seemed likely five or 10 years ago. the conventional security challenges, the conventional economic integration challenges that i've talked about. it's also the challenge of and g
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17